World Retail Congress

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The World Retail Congress brings together the leaders of the global retail industry from the greatest retail icons to the most innovative start-ups and disruptors; from national market leaders to the most international. For three days each year, the Congress provides the insight to help shape the retail future and show retailers how to meet the needs of their consumers in this era of rapid change. It is an unrivaled international annual gathering of retail leaders that delivers powerful connections and an unmissable sense-check on where the industry is heading.

In delivering this agenda, the Congress has welcomed over one thousand senior retail speakers, from some of the world’s biggest, to the newest businesses, as well as leading industry stakeholders from global economics, politics, finance and NGOs.

Since the Congress launched in 2007, the industry has faced challenges of unprecedented scale. View our heritage infographic to see how the Congress has evolved and often been at the forefront of changes in the industry.