Webinar: Holiday Shopping Recap

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Event Details

New technology, in tandem with wider structural economic and societal macro trends, has facilitated and accelerated changes to consumer buying behavior. The consumer decision-making journey is more complex, involving cross-channel shopping activity—often in real time— pre-, during and post-purchase. The holiday season accentuates this as typically 90 percent of adults in the U.S. make purchases during this time and often search for the best deals in the most convenient and quickest way.

This webinar will discuss holiday consumer shopping trends and demonstrate how the omni-channel retail environment played a significant role during the season. In addition to general shopping patterns, including spending, days shopped and where purchases were made, we highlight how consumers engaged with the experiences offered at shopping centers and incorporated technology during all shopping phases.

Areas of Discussion:

  • Total holiday-related spending
  • Popular store types for purchases
  • Items bought as holiday gifts
  • Shopping center activities
  • Use of technology
  • Gift cards