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At Akmerkez, Playgrounds Aren’t Just for Kids

Outdoor leisure amenities for grown-ups are on-trend in busy urban centers.

By Shopping Center Weekly

At Akmerkez, Playgrounds Aren’t Just for Kids

Don’t be fooled by the primary colors, cubbies, and swings—Akmerkez (Istanbul, Turkey) had much more in mind than entertaining families with small children when it set up its Triangle Terrace. It envisioned it as a homestay getaway for harried shoppers looking for a place to chill. Sure, little ones will beeline it for those swings or try to hog their favorite nook, but there will be plenty of space left for adults to take a break to lounge on a cushion, grab a seat to sip a coffee or read a book (okay, or catch up on social posts), and listen to a few music tracks.

The Triangle Terrace is open daily from noon until 9 pm.