NEXUS Conference

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ICSC’s high-level forum for discussion and debate about trends impacting the retail real estate industry, NEXUS brings together c-suite executives and senior-level decision makers from publicly traded real estate companies, institutional investors, private developers and landlords, retailers, and various industry service providers. Retail is evolving at a rapid pace and NEXUS is the place to exchange ideas and share insight about our dynamic industry, while engaging in powerful networking. Join your peers at this important event!

Keynote Speaker: Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov gained international recognition for his 20-year reign as the world’s #1 chess player. His famous matches against the IBM super-computer Deep Blue in 1996-97 were key to bringing artificial intelligence, and chess, into the mainstream. As one of the first prominent Soviets to call for democratic and market reforms, Kasparov has continued to lead the Russian pro-democracy movement. Kasparov will share his insights on machine learning, AI, strategy, politics and achieving peak mental performance.

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