Community Relations

Retail Relations, the Canadian Way

Community Relations, Pop-Up Stores

This pop-up's name says it all: The Welcome Store. Japanese fashion retailer, Uniqlo set it up last month in the city of Toronto to connect with the community in which it made its local market debut just a year ago. The purpose was to show its a[...] Read More...

Teen Models Wanted at NorthWest

Community Relations, Community Room

The stage has been set at NorthWest, and now all that the New Zealand mall needs are a few willing students to bring the season's fashions to life. But first things first, would-be participants will be invited to attend confidence workshops and [...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...

Art on the Walk in Anaheim

Community Relations, Community Room

Some shopping centers have their temporary retail rosters and Anaheim GardenWalk has its "Art On The Walk" program, only its initiative revolves around the local cultural community. The California center has made it part of its mandate to suppor[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...

Youths Breathe New Life into Dawson Mall

Community Relations, Community Room

When the Blacktown City Council team designs a permanent upgrade to the Dawson Mall district in New South Wales (Australia) next year, chances are they'll have a group of local youths to thank for helping to crystallize its vision. This past spr[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...
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