Calling All Word Geek Mall Rats

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Well, we all could have predicted this one: Wordle becoming a theme for all sorts of retail events and giveaways. One mall developer jumped on the bandwagon recently and used the popular online game to boost its social media following.

Capit[...] Tactics Subscribers

Whole Foods, Headspace Hit the Reset Button

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Whole Foods Market and Headspace have joined forces for one reason: Help their customers put mindfulness back on the menu, and they've chosen Instagram to deliver fresh content this spring.

The partners are offering Food for Mood, a series o[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...

Selling Value, the T.J.Maxx Way

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At each one of its consumer touchpoints, T.J.Maxx delivers one clear pitch: Its mission is to help customers get the most out of their budget, the merchandise that it sells, and ultimately life. This month, they have a chance to test that with w[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...

Follow the Rainbow Brick Road

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The retailers located in Melbourne Central's ground-level Menzies Place don't have much in common in terms of products and services that they offer. They do, however, share a design feature: A colorful mosaic tile floor that's Insta-ready. Until[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...