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Mother’s Day Begins on FB @ Westfield Knox

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The marketers at Australia's Westfield Knox are aiming for an on-site Mother's Day traffic booster with their Facebook contest. Today at midnight is the deadline they've set for shoppers to enter to win one of two specially themed packs by expr[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...

Calling All Word Geek Mall Rats

Instagram, Seasonal Giveaways, Social Media Campaigns, Technology Lab

Well, we all could have predicted this one: Wordle becoming a theme for all sorts of retail events and giveaways. One mall developer jumped on the bandwagon recently and used the popular online game to boost its social media following.

Capit[...] Tactics Subscribers

Innovation: The True Retail Hook

Entertainment, Social Media Campaigns, Special Events, Technology Lab, Technology News

CapitaLand's promotional deal with POP MART to develop the recent Jolly Molly Christmas campaign was no doubt a real PR coup, given the success that the pure player has had in creating pop-culture products based on some well-known show and game[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...

Why This Clickbait Might Actually Work

Retailer Roundup, Social Media Campaigns

Homebase's new YouTube series, Grit & Greenlights, launches with the sort of clickbait that might make one cringe: A celebrity frontman with enough natural charm to move even non-fans to press play. If you're a mall marketer, you shouldn't dwel[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...

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