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Share a Vend with Coca-Cola

Mobile Commerce, Technology Lab

Coca-Cola is attempting to swallow up more of the beverage market with its "Share a Vend" campaign. It's inviting consumers to hop online, purchase a vending pass loaded with whatever amount they want, and then send it to a loved one's mobile ph[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...

Postcard from Miami

Mall Websites, Technology Lab

Bayview Village, QuadReal's upscale Toronto property, is pushing the boundaries of aspirational marketing. Known for its "haute lifestyle" promotional pitch, the center uses the Web regularly to highlight what its fashion retailers have in store[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...

TLC, Hubber Sign Uber Car Ad Deals

Technology Lab, What's Next Market Focus

TLC, Primedia Unlimited's indoor lifestyle advertising specialist firm, is about to get Samsung, Visa, and Nescafe Gold's promotional messages in front of Uber-riding consumers in South Africa. The firm and Hubble, Uber's preferred in-vehicle en[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...
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