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A World of Fragrances

Entertainment, Special Events

What does the Orient smell like? Shoppers at Westside in Switzerland have until the end of this month to find out. The mall set up six sensory stations for its World of Fragrances installation, and it is challenging visitors to stop by, take a w[...] Read More...

The Street Welcomes Social Enterprise

Leasing, Shopping Center Business

WS Development is focused on experiential shopping, and it proved it again recently with a specialty addition to The Street in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. The CommonWealth Kitchen (CWK) opened its doors this past spring to bring a combination [...] Read More...

K11 Mall Steps into Continuing Education

Community Room

Museum retail is how K11 describes its unique commercial model. A focus on art, people, and nature has always been at the heart of all its areas of activity, be it leasing, special event planning, interior architecture and green design, or commu[...] Tactics Subscribers Read More...
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